Meet the Team
Tom Douglas
I will be spending much of my time training local pastors on how to read/study the Bible and prepare biblical sermons.  This will include many of the principles that I have been teaching in my Wednesday night class at Crosspoint over the past couple of months.  I have also been asked to do some training with the Kijani Farm Kenyan staff, as well as spending time pastoring the full-time mission staff.  Further, I will be spending time between now and when we travel to Kijani Farm recording 14 teaching sessions based on the book “How to Read the Bible for All Its Worth” by Gordon Fee and Doug Stuart that the Dellamaters can use to train with whenever is convenient.  The schedule looks fairly full and tiring, but I am looking forward to the opportunity God has provided!!!
Holly English
Why am I going back to Kijani Farm in 2024? I have three really good reasons. First, I want to continue my relationship with the Kijani Farm staff through bible study, chai time, and visiting in the community. Also, I want to continue my relationships with the teachers. This trip I will focus on the 1st-3rd grade teachers with exciting learning strategies. Finally, I just want to lift up and encourage the Dellamaters and Rhines. This will be my fourth trip to Kijani  Farm and I can’t wait!
Logan Ervin
As I have expanded my knowledge of Scripture and grown closer to the Lord, I have felt God’s call to help draw souls closer to Him. This trip is a good opportunity to humbly step outside my comfort zone and use my abilities and knowledge for His glory. I wish to exercise my faith and lean on Him to be used in ways I never have. I want to empty myself on this mission trip and allow the Lord to do as He pleases with my life. May He be glorified as I serve among and learn from the Maasai people.
Eric Fishe
The reason I want to go to Kijani is to serve the Lord and in return to help me grow in gratitude. This would be a great opportunity for me to experience and share with those in need at Kijani Farm.
Dave Spooner
I am going to Kijani Farms because Jesus loves the world. I am particularly passionate about helping equip under-resourced pastors to teach the word of God well and lead like the “Good Shepherd.” Also, I love the Dellamaters, respect what they are doing, and want to support them as friends and as their sending church. Lastly, it is a great way to continue to build strong relationships with those in Kijani and fellow team members.

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