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Everlasting Father

This Christmas season we have been focusing on the various names and titles of this Son who is given. He is Immanuel – God who is with us. He is also our Wonderful Counselor. The sovereign birth announcement of this Son was given in the book of Isaiah to a people facing great difficulties and dark times:

Wonderful Counselor

This is part two of our Christmas series, focusing on the various titles and names given to Christ. Last week we considered the name “Immanuel” and what that means for us. Because God is with us, we have hope, we have companionship, and we have an example to follow. This message looks into the title of “Wonderful Counselor,” which is given in Isaiah 9.

Immanuel, God with Us

The Christmas season is upon us, and as this year has been, like no other. With this message we start our 4-part Christmas series entitled “He shall be called,” focusing on the names of the Son who is given. During this season and this series, may you grow in your understanding and appreciation of what God has given us in His Son. And that these truths will firmly establish and expand your faith and joy in Jesus. This message explores the title “Emmanuel, God with us.”

The Mission of Crosspoint

Where We Do What We Do

The nations are where we do what we do, starting in our own backyards, into the rest of the world. The nations have always been in the plan of God, and we are to proclaim the good news of the gospel to everyone, everywhere for His name sake!

Better Together

This is the inaugural message from Crosspoint Church, Rockford, Illinois. God is reconfiguring a new body out of three pieces, with distinctive histories as a testimony to our community and the world that the hand of the Lord is mighty, that nothing is impossible for Him, and that He should be honored, and worshiped, and feared and proclaimed to the ends of the earth for all eternity (Josh. 4:24).