Sermons (Page 2)

Relapse And Redemption

What to do when you find yourself giving in to a repeated pattern of sin. Even those who sincerely love God are called by Him and desire to follow the way of the Lord can fall for temptation and get trapped and entangled in sin. We will see what we need to do to avoid and escape the trap of sin.

Righteousness and Justice

As God’s people, we are called to keep the way of the Lord by doing what is right and just. Doing so brings a blessing to the neighborhood and the nations, both presently and permanently. God does distinguish between the acts of the righteous and those of the wicked seen in both His mercy and His judgment. He will deliver His people from His wrath and deliver His wrath on the wickedness of people. These things will be seen clearly from our passage for this week. Have hope and be encouraged to continue to live in the promises of God until their final fulfillment is revealed

Spiritual Checkup

Going to the doctor for our yearly physical is a healthy and helpful thing to do. This check-up gives us information as to how our bodies are doing, what we need to start doing, keep doing, or stop doing, along with things we should keep an eye on. This Sunday, we will do a spiritual “check-up” to gauge our spiritual health and fitness through a series of important questions that come to the surface from our text for this week in Genesis 18

Critical Catch

In this message we continue the story as God extends His invitation to Abram and us to receive Him and walk according to His promises. In Genesis chapter seventeen, we will see an essential theological principle introduced and how this critical Old Testament principle plays out in the lives of New Testament believers.

Faithing Our Fears

There are two main questions when it comes to faith in God. Will God help me now, and will God reward me in the future? Abram had these questions as well, and God met his fears and ours by giving us His word and His covenant. This Sunday, we will see how these two things will help us strengthen our faith and overcome our fears so we will complete our faith through our actions.

Walking And The Word

Everyone’s faith journey is uniquely personal and individual, and yet it is strikingly similar as well as shared. In walking with Abraham sacredly recorded in the word of God, we see him, and we also see ourselves as the Holy Spirit of God illuminates His word to our hearts so that we learn, are encouraged, and have hope, as we continue to wait for all the words of God to be fulfilled.

Faith And Fear

God’s promises were repeated time and time and time again to Abram as they were focused on and fulfilled as he went along his journey. And through his journey, and perhaps in ours as well, there were times when he veered away from and walked off course from the path that God had set for him.

Providence And Obedience

Abraham is one of the key figures in all of the bible. His journey of faith in many ways parallels all journeys of faith, including yours. There are times of clarity and calling in our journey, with courageous steps of faith, and then there are times of uncertainty, relapse, and missteps along the way. These things will come into focus through the life of Abraham.