Running On Empty

Fuel exhaustion is a real thing. Life exhaustion is a real thing as well. Where we just “run out of fuel” to go on for a variety of reasons, from overwhelming news, to disabling diseases, to insurmountable pressures, to devastating discouragement, to shear exhaustion. Some of you may be feeling this way and living with this right now.

To The Ends Of The Earth

If I were to ask you, “what was the primary purpose of Jesus giving us the power of the Holy Spirit?” how would you respond? You may respond with a number of reasons, perhaps along the lines of the spiritual gifts or in line with the fruit of the Spirit. However, Jesus Himself told us the reason He would be sending the Spirit in power.

Praying In The Battle

What are we to think when it comes to “spiritual warfare”? On one end of the continuum are those who think there is no such thing as spiritual forces, and they completely ignore and dismiss the subject. On the other end of the continuum, there are those who are all about it and have a continual focus and fixation on it.

When The Church Prays

In the early church and in effective churches throughout the ages, prayer has been a priority and one of the essential functions of the church. The book of Acts records how the church developed after Jesus ascended, and we find the church praying and prayer on almost every page.

Praying For Church Leaders

Jesus invites us to get into the yoke with Him and to learn from Him. The call to ministry is a call to get into the yoke with Him. All ministry is ultimately His ministry, and we are invited to join with Him in what He is doing and where He is going. We move in His direction, and we move at His pace, and we learn to be like Him and His heart.

How To Pray For Our Community And Country

Paul the Apostle is writing to pastor Timothy about how he is to shepherd and lead the church. This was written for this man and that church, and it is also written to every church leader and every church.
We are instructed in this passage to pray for our community and country. We are told what we are to pray for and why we are to pray this way. Christians who do this will stand on solid ground, seeing God work in both community and country, being at peace, and seeing people come to faith and the knowledge of the truth, which is the ultimate goal.

Overcoming The Obstacle Of Unanswered Prayer

Prayers that are not answered may be the number one reason people do not pray or do not pray more. Everyone in this room has prayed for things that have not been answered. Looking back on it, some of the prayers were silly, stupid, or just plain selfish. However, some were extremely serious and urgent, and God still did not answer. At least not in the way we asked or in the time frame we wanted.

Overcoming Obstacles To Prayer

Lord, Teach Us to Pray – Part 7 Overcoming Obstacles to Prayer Crosspoint – Dave Spooner – June 12th, 2022 Intro: I believe that all of us who are Christians would agree that prayer is important and perhaps vital. However, I wonder what our prayer life is really like. I am not thinking about this…