Jesus > Me

Sometimes people, when hearing the news of someone’s success, respond not with happiness for the person but with jealousy, accusations, and disparaging remarks. It is especially true in cases where someone’s star ascending means yours shines less bright. Like a star in entertainment or sports being pushed off the stage by someone new. This is hard for us to deal with mentally and emotionally. How would John reply to the reality of the rise of Christ and his now diminishing role and influence?

Saved Through Him

God is light, He is perfect, and there is no darkness in Him at all. If we say we have a relationship with God but continue to walk in perpetual darkness, we are a liar because we don’t practice the truth. And here is the beautiful and powerful thing about living your life in accordance with the teachings of Jesus: we have both fellowship (deep relationship) with others and with God because Jesus cleanses us from all sins. It takes humility and a love of truth to acknowledge our sin and walk truly and rightly with God and others.

You Must Be Born Again

We are focusing on one of the most important passages of Scripture in the entire Bible. In this passage of John chapter three, Jesus explains the way into the kingdom of God. If you want to be in the kingdom of God, having eternal life, you must pay close attention to what Jesus teaches in this passage. Your eternity rests on these things.

Jesus Is Greater

John the Apostle gives us further proof that Jesus is the Son of God by showing that Jesus has authority over creation, the temple, death and humankind, leading us to greater trust and worship of Jesus, the Lord and Savior of the world.

The Power Of Our Testimony

As we turn to the start of Jesus’ ministry in the Gospel of John, we’re reminded of how powerful the testimonies of our own relationships with the Son of God are. As we look to the Word, let’s be encouraged to share our stories with those around us, and in so doing glorify God!

The Testimony Of John The Baptist

John, the writer of our gospel, brings forward the testimony of John the Baptist as an expert eyewitness to the identity of Jesus. Not surprisingly, John the Baptist has some strong statements as to who Jesus is. In our passage for today, we will see that John identifies Jesus as the Lord incarnate, the Most High, the Lamb of God, and the Son of God, all within a few short verses.

Instructions For Life

Money is like a hope magnet that tries to pull us away from trusting and hoping in God to trusting and hoping in it. The truth is that wealth is uncertain, but God is certain. Wealth is unreliable, but God is always reliable. Wealth is unstable, but God is an immovable rock. Wealth is not always present, but God is. Don’t put your hope in wealth; put your hope in God. Those who put their hope in wealth lose their hope, identity, and strength when their wealth is gone, but those who hope in the Lord rise with wings like eagles and will never be put to shame.