Sermons on Proverbs

Decision Time

Every one of us has choices to make every day. Some choices are mundane, and others are meaningful. The most consequential choices boil down to two invitations, one from lady wisdom and the other from lady folly. This week we will learn about these choices and ourselves, and we look to gain hope and encouragement from the word, wisdom, and welcome of God.

Anatomy of Adultery

We would rather not talk about adultery because it is a serious, sobering, and sensitive topic. Yet, tragically it is in our world, and gratefully, God provides His wisdom to avoid this trap from His Word. In this message we gain understanding, hope, and encouragement in dealing with this heartbreaking subject.

Listen To Live

The way of wisdom is the way to win, shine, and truly live. God, in His grace and goodness, offers us His wisdom. Do you have ears to hear? Will you choose to listen and follow? In this message we hear wisdom and mine the promises that will equip and empower us with every step of our lives.

Wisdom is Better

We return to Proverbs chapter three as wisdom continues to call to us with the invitation of her companionship and guidance. All those who treasure and follow her will be greatly blessed and benefited. The way of wisdom is better than any other path you may choose.

The Good Life

We all desire the “good life” and to live a life that is good. Which path are we to take? Who’s advice should we follow? What choice should we make? The wisdom of God shows us the way. If we are willing to receive and pursue the wisdom offered and available, it will greatly guard and guide us. Let us listen and live as we will learn from Proverbs chapter two.