Sermons on Luke

The Justice Of God

“For He who is mighty has done great things for me, holy is His name.” We hope you ponder and personalize these words during this season and this series. Take time, even now, to think about the great things God has done for you. In this message you will encouraged to trust God because of His justice and comfort.

The Mercy Of God

God has also done great things for us through the word becoming fleshing, Jesus the Christ. When you enter this place and see these words, I hope you reflect upon what God has done for you. And in doing so, you praise Him. From this reflection comes anticipation and expectation of what He will do for you as He continues to show who He is to you throughout your lifetime and the eternity beyond.

The Praise Of God

He who is mighty is the one who is able to save, to deliver, to protect, to provide. He is the one who can do all things, who is uniquely mighty. Has done great things for me. I want you to make this personal. He has done great things in history. He has done great things collectively. He has done great things for others, and He has and will do great things for you personally!

Overcoming The Obstacle Of Unanswered Prayer

Prayers that are not answered may be the number one reason people do not pray or do not pray more. Everyone in this room has prayed for things that have not been answered. Looking back on it, some of the prayers were silly, stupid, or just plain selfish. However, some were extremely serious and urgent, and God still did not answer. At least not in the way we asked or in the time frame we wanted.