Sermons on Luke

Overcoming The Obstacle Of Unanswered Prayer

Prayers that are not answered may be the number one reason people do not pray or do not pray more. Everyone in this room has prayed for things that have not been answered. Looking back on it, some of the prayers were silly, stupid, or just plain selfish. However, some were extremely serious and urgent, and God still did not answer. At least not in the way we asked or in the time frame we wanted.

Traction: Growing Forward

This message is primarily aimed at two groups of people, those between the ages of zero and thirty and those who have children or grandchildren or mentor anyone between the ages of zero and thirty. It will help you know where to focus and build a life that will go the distance and make a difference.

Everlasting Father

This Christmas season we have been focusing on the various names and titles of this Son who is given. He is Immanuel – God who is with us. He is also our Wonderful Counselor. The sovereign birth announcement of this Son was given in the book of Isaiah to a people facing great difficulties and dark times: