Sermons on Genesis

Grow Your Fellowship

God’s word has a ton to say about relationships, how to make them, maintain them, and the benefits of having them. I have chosen one passage to focus on that talks about the benefits of relationships. This was more than likely written to King Solomon, and the place it is most commonly quoted is at weddings. Even though this is applicable to marriage, its greater context is for all relationships.

Doesn’t The Bible Condone Slavery?

First, ancient slavery was not yoked to racial hierarchy. Hagar was an Egyptian slave to Hebrews; Joseph was a Hebrew slave to Egyptians. Second, it was common for people to sell themselves into slavery, as it represented a form of employment and was preferable to destitution. Third, while many slaves in the ancient world undoubtedly suffered the kind of brutality and exploitation experienced by many enslaved Africans in America, advancement was also possible within the slave status and beyond—even to the point of becoming a senior civil servant.

Time Of Testing

Tests. They reveal us, they measure us, they prove us. Abraham faced a test. A hard test. A test with enormous implications that would mark him, his family and all the families on earth. This Sunday, let us explore this baffling and pinnacle test together as we continue to ascend into our journey of faith.

Relapse And Redemption

What to do when you find yourself giving in to a repeated pattern of sin. Even those who sincerely love God are called by Him and desire to follow the way of the Lord can fall for temptation and get trapped and entangled in sin. We will see what we need to do to avoid and escape the trap of sin.

Righteousness and Justice

As God’s people, we are called to keep the way of the Lord by doing what is right and just. Doing so brings a blessing to the neighborhood and the nations, both presently and permanently. God does distinguish between the acts of the righteous and those of the wicked seen in both His mercy and His judgment. He will deliver His people from His wrath and deliver His wrath on the wickedness of people. These things will be seen clearly from our passage for this week. Have hope and be encouraged to continue to live in the promises of God until their final fulfillment is revealed

Spiritual Checkup

Going to the doctor for our yearly physical is a healthy and helpful thing to do. This check-up gives us information as to how our bodies are doing, what we need to start doing, keep doing, or stop doing, along with things we should keep an eye on. This Sunday, we will do a spiritual “check-up” to gauge our spiritual health and fitness through a series of important questions that come to the surface from our text for this week in Genesis 18