Sermons on Ephesians

Ties That Bind

Division comes naturally; unity comes supernaturally. Even though we are a vast and diverse people, Christians have more in common in the trinity than we have that is dissimilar. In this message we see from our passage the ties that bind us together so you will be encouraged and have hope.

Walk Worthy

This message takes us to our central passage for this series, Ephesians chapter four. God points us to how we are to fulfill our purposes as a church by walking worthy of the calling we have received. If you want to know how we are to live our lives as a Christian community, this message will give you the steps to follow.

What The Church Does

In our series, Life Together, we are looking at the life of the church, what it is, how it functions, and our place in it. The goal for this series is that your understanding of the church will deepen, broaden, and be sharpened, that you will fall deeper in love with it and treasure it as Christ does. This message looks at the three purposes of the church from Ephesians chapter one.