Sermons on Ecclesiastes

Grow Your Fellowship

God’s word has a ton to say about relationships, how to make them, maintain them, and the benefits of having them. I have chosen one passage to focus on that talks about the benefits of relationships. This was more than likely written to King Solomon, and the place it is most commonly quoted is at weddings. Even though this is applicable to marriage, its greater context is for all relationships.

Instructions For Life

Money is like a hope magnet that tries to pull us away from trusting and hoping in God to trusting and hoping in it. The truth is that wealth is uncertain, but God is certain. Wealth is unreliable, but God is always reliable. Wealth is unstable, but God is an immovable rock. Wealth is not always present, but God is. Don’t put your hope in wealth; put your hope in God. Those who put their hope in wealth lose their hope, identity, and strength when their wealth is gone, but those who hope in the Lord rise with wings like eagles and will never be put to shame.