Sermons on 1 Timothy

Instructions For Life

Money is like a hope magnet that tries to pull us away from trusting and hoping in God to trusting and hoping in it. The truth is that wealth is uncertain, but God is certain. Wealth is unreliable, but God is always reliable. Wealth is unstable, but God is an immovable rock. Wealth is not always present, but God is. Don’t put your hope in wealth; put your hope in God. Those who put their hope in wealth lose their hope, identity, and strength when their wealth is gone, but those who hope in the Lord rise with wings like eagles and will never be put to shame.

Isn’t Christianity Homophonic?

Homosexuality and the Bible have been a controversial and somewhat complex topic in the recent past. The subject has split families, churches, and entire denominations. Yet, even though the topic in our modern context is difficult, it is addressed in the scriptures. In this message, we look at what they say and how they would instruct us in our thinking, actions, and interactions.

Human Life

We are all a traveler in this world, in other words, we live temporarily in this world, life is short. Life is short and some people have a good life, but some people are struggling. Some people are happy and some are sad. Some people are succeeded, and some are failing. Some are rich and some are poor. Some people have a good shelter, but some people don’t have a house to live in. Some people are educated, but some are not. This is happening in this world, and this is human life.

How To Pray For Our Community And Country

Paul the Apostle is writing to pastor Timothy about how he is to shepherd and lead the church. This was written for this man and that church, and it is also written to every church leader and every church.
We are instructed in this passage to pray for our community and country. We are told what we are to pray for and why we are to pray this way. Christians who do this will stand on solid ground, seeing God work in both community and country, being at peace, and seeing people come to faith and the knowledge of the truth, which is the ultimate goal.